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Managing the pain in our lives will either push us into negative expressions or bring about growth to positive growth and reflection.

We use negative expressions in self protection and predatory behaviors. Understanding how we deal with pain will ensure better choices in how we internalize our struggles.

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The human spirit, the human element and personal responsibilty are essential to our growth. Dianne discusses the environment, population issues, and her own NDE.


Dianne Irene

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Share your story of a near death experience (NDE), miscarriage or child loss.


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About Spiritual Intelligence

This thought provoking book delves into areas of human consciousness that inspires you to understanding and self-reflection. The supernatural is actually natural and physics, philosophy, NDE, and psychology are explored.  In fact, our life is a school where we have come to learn, grow, and love. Having had a NDE herself at age 20, Dianne shares some of the most important aspects of our existence. Broken relationships, loss, depression, tragedy, PTSD, and other human experiences can be understood with spiritual intelligence. They all can serve as props on the stage of life where we are playing roles that enable us to experience our existence.

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Consciousness IQ

A workbook to expand your consciousness. Challenge yourself to delve deeper into who you are and why you are the way you are.....



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