Spiritual Intelligence: Human Consciousness Realized

This thought provoking book delves into areas of human consciousness that inspires you to understanding and self-reflection. The supernatural is actually natural and physics, philosophy, NDE, and psychology are explored.  In fact, our life is a school where we have come to learn, grow, and love.

Having had a NDE herself at age 20, Dianne shares some of the most important aspects of our existence. Broken relationships, loss, depression, tragedy, PTSD, and other human experiences can be understood with spiritual intelligence. They all can serve as props on the stage of life where we are playing roles that enable us to experience our existence. Empower yourself to be consciously aware. Buy Now

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Universal Truth: Time to Live in Peace

Dianne experienced a NDE at the age of 20 after complications from surgery and shares insight into what she learned.

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The Garden of Life: Motivational Cornucopia

The garden of life is an inspirational and motivational collection of life lessons, wisdom, and insight. Each short entry will inspire the day.


I Carried Angels

Facing the loss of children can be devastating whether it is a miscarriage, infant, or child loss. Women share their stories and and give insight into their experience with loss.

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Women Weild the World: Empowering Balance

Men and women are compliments and working together can lead to a balance in the world that is neccessary for humanity.


Sociopath: A Guide for Judges, Lawyers, Law Enforcement, and Clients

Most people live with a conscious and are capable of empathy and remorse. However, there is a portion of the population that sees the world in a way that lacks a conscoius and the usual understanding of right and wrong. They may even be capable of looking like the victim when they are really the predator. They have superfacial charm and can mimic real emotion, but do not feel it as others do. They are very manipultive and can often convince others of their stories and even coerce others into collaboration.

Those that are victimized by sociopaths experience great mental and emotional truama and in some cases physical violence or death. Understanding how sociopaths function in society, the court systems, and in our communities can assist with preventing some of the toll they take on society.


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Beyond the Veil

Elishozedin is a visitor to earth from another dimension. He has come to evalute human progress and report back to his counsel. What will he report? Will he see potential in humanity or will he report that we are behind on our spiriutal evolution? Can humanity change? Will his encounters with specific humans set his path? What will he recommend to the counsel and what will they do with this information?

Coming Soon in Children's Books

Sunshine Manor: Secret of the Fairies

This story follows two children and their father as they move into an old mansion rich with history and mystery. An old attic is full of things left behind. One item is a mirror, but this is no ordinary mirror. It is a portal to another world. The children learn about the earth and the value in how we treat our world.


The Wolf and the Dove

This unusual fairy tale follows life lessons about integrity, honor, and what we create in life. Some happy endings are about lessons and growth.

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